The ‘Aswang’ syllabus: Articles to read after watching the documentary

Compared to documentaries that either capture the Philippines’ drug war from a Western perspective or have an international audience in mind, Arumpac’s documentary goes for a deep Filipino treatment. It uses the myth of the aswang as its throughline, imbuing the film with dark, magical realism. Scenes are punctuated with an almost lyrical delivery of lines that often start with the words Kapag sinabi nilang may aswang, ang ibig sabihin nila: matakot ka.” (Whenever they say there is an aswang around, what they really mean is: be afraid.)

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Bacolod youth, campus journalists show solidarity with ABS-CBN

Big blow to democracy

The denial of ABS-CBN’s bid for a fresh franchise is a “big blow to Philippine democracy,” Bacolod Bishop Patricio Buzon said.

“It is but the latest of a series of attempts by the administration to silence dissent and to prevent persons and institutions from exercising their freedom and right to free speech and expression,” he said.

Buzon said he is praying that “God may enlighten our leaders so that they may fulfill their duty to preserve the common good and the rights of the people who elected them to be their protectors.”

He also called on the people to “remain ever vigilant, lest we fall again to another tragic authoritarian rule. God help us.” –

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[OPINION] Surviving and fighting the anti-terror law

Therefore, the law enforcement officials and military personnel need only to allege any of these 3 for someone to be suspected of terrorism. Moreover, as already stated above, terrorism as defined in the law is overbroad, and so despite the proviso, it is easy to conflate legitimate dissent and terrorism. Hence, individuals and groups are advised to be more cautious now as they question the law. Of highest priority is to be vigilant against infiltrators who would hijack protest actions and endanger everyone.

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IN PHOTOS: ABS-CBN workers, supporters stage noise barrage to protest franchise denial

A House committee on July 10 voted against granting ABS-CBN a new franchise, after week of hearings. ABS-CBN executives had to answer questions regarding its former president’s citizenship, non-existent tax deliquencies, allegations of media “bias,” and even the personal gripes of politicians from the lower chamber of Congress.

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